Forth Bridge

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  • photo of Forth Bridge
  • photo of Forth Bridge
LocationEdinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Crosses Firth of Forth
Statusin use
FunctionRailway bridge
Length2 529 m
Height110 m
Clearance below46 m
Longest span520 m
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Forth Bridge is a railroad bridge crossing the Firth of Forth in Scotland in of British.
A fixed connection over the Firth of Forth was long planned and wanted that was not weather dependent. Before it was built it went ferries between North and South Queensferry, it was one of the busiest ferries in Scottland.
The construction of the Forth Bridge started in 1882 and mostly worked the 4600 men with construction. The bridge opened in 1890 and was one of the first large steel structures. The bridge was designed by the engineer John Fowler and designer Benjamin Baker. Forth bridge has a total length of 2529 meters and the main span is 521 meters. There are double lines and it runs more than 200 trains across the bridge daily.
Since the opening of the bridge has been a tourist attraction and an impressive construction. In 2015 the bridge was listed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage.