Kintai Bridge

  • picture of Kintai Bridge
  • picture of Kintai Bridge
  • picture of Kintai Bridge
StedIwakuni, Yamaguchi, Japan
CrossesNishiki River
StatusIn use
DesignArch bridge
Length175 m
Longest span35 m
Width5 m
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Kintai bridge is a wooden arch bridge, in the city of Iwakuni, in Yamaguchi, Japan. The bridge crosses the river Nishiki.
After Iwakuni Castle was completed in 1608 on the other side of the river. Was it built many bridges, all were taken by the flood until Kintai bridge was built in 1673.
It was built with stone pillars to be more secure from flooding. The bridge consists of five arches of wood.
During World War II the bridge was poorly maintained and the bridge was taken by the floods Kijia in 1950. The bridge was reconstructed in 1953 it was also made reinforcements, it was used metal nails.
Between 2001 and 2004, the bridge was restored.